Hand-picked and home-made

We source unique produce personally selected from independent farmers and vineyards in Granada, as well as fresh, seasonal ingredients from local producers. Granada is a fascinating and diverse province of Andalucía, where its millennial heritage from Visigoth, Roman and Arab civilizations shaped not only its culture but also the richness of many flavorsome dishes.

Our wines

We’ve built personal relationships with many boutique wineries in Granada. We visit their vineyards on a regular basis and we get advice from their talented winemakers, to be able to present to you an exclusively curated wine list that we think you are going to fall in love with as much as we have.

Unique growing conditions

Most of the vineyards of the wineries in Granada are situated at high altitude, most over 1000 metres above sea level. This altitude helps to prolong the ripening season for the grapes by increasing the range between the daytime and night time temperatures, this means the grapes can ripen slower which helps them retain acidity for freshness and a higher concentration of sugars which give bolder flavours, making wines from Granada more complex and of very high quality compared to other regions.

Our foods

Our cheeses include semi-cured and cured goat cheese from the cheesemaker Montefrieño, from the beautiful town of Montefrio (crowned by National Geographic as top 10 best views in the world). We also have an incredible cured sheep cheese, from the cheesemaker Leyva in the village of Guadix. All our cured meats are from the farmer Nicolas in Gojar. The high altitude and the cool mountain air of Sierra Nevada make the perfect condition to cure meats beautifully, using only natural and traditional salting methods. Our gourmet products include as well a selection of locally produced vegetables, preserves and vinegars like no other, from the carefully crafted range of Rufino, in Huetor Tajar.

Que rico!

Be prepared to be surprised by a colorful Mediterranean cuisine, based on natural ingredients with a strong Moorish influence and cooked intuitively in a simple way. All our food is lovingly prepared from scratch and our dishes are inspired by recipes cooked in Ana’s family for generations, as well as those typically served in



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