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Abeja Cocido stew

Home-made chickpea, free-range chicken and ibérico pancetta stew cooked using a tradicional, family recipe

Abeja Fabada stew

Home-made white bean and chorizo stew cooked using a tradicional, family recipe

Abeja vegetable & lentil stew

Home-made lentil stew cooked using a tradicional, family recipe

Anise & Sesame Original Olive Oil Tortas (x2)

The original recipe, slightly sweet and with an incredible crunch this are perfect accompaniement to our sharing boards. Or simply

Mussels in pickled sauce

Mussels from Galicia in pickled sauce (olive oil, vinegar, onion, garlic, salt and spices), with intense flavour. Made with 100%

Organic sourdough from Holy Grain (sliced, 200g)

Amazing naturally-leavened, organic baguette from our partner bakery Holy Grain. Every bread is handmade and slowly fermented over a 2

Pickled white anchovies

White anchovies hand-cleaned and marinated in vinegar, water and salt. You can season them with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh finely

Rosemary & Thyme Olive Oil Tortas (x2)

Get immersed in the mediterrean flavours with this delicate torta. I specially love it with our semi-cured goat cheese.

Rosemary Focaccia Rolls

Italian-style delicious bread cooked with olive oil and rosemary. Dip it in our extra-virgin olive oil and try with any

Valencia almonds, fried in olive oil

The perfect nutty, crunchy snack. We love them with an ice-cold Alhambra reserva and some iberico lomo. Warning: highly moorish!

Yellowfin tuna belly in olive oil

Line caught tuna belly of excellent quality, manufactured following artisanal practises. Hand packed and preserved in olive oil. Dolphin safe.