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Abeja vegetable & lentil stew

Home-made lentil stew cooked using a tradicional, family recipe

Alhambra Especial 5.4% (330ml)

Brewed in Granada, the best and most refreshing beer from Southern Spain.

Anise & Sesame Original Olive Oil Tortas (x2)

The original recipe, slightly sweet and with an incredible crunch this are perfect accompaniement to our sharing boards. Or simply

Artichoke confit in extra-virgin olive oil

Confit artichokes are Rufino’s signature preserved vegetables. Ideal for salads or as a side with meat and fish dishes. We

Asparagus confit in extra-virgin olive oil

The best asparagus you can find grow in Rufino’s home village, Huetor Tajar. Ideal as garnish for any dish or

Asparagus Jam

Using only the best local asparagus, this jam is a deligth. Surprise your guests with this jam in your roasted

Black olives

Unpitted Maroccan black olives cured in salt, with a rich and intense flavour.

Caramelised Artichoke Jam

This artichoke jam is the highlight of Rufino’s jams. Made with only the best artichokes harvestd in season, it preserves

Caramelised Onion Jam

Caramelised confited onion, great in sauces, as accompanienment in meat and fish dishes or simply to enjoy with our selection

Chorreao 250ml

Extra-virgin olive oil choorreao is delicious and super healthy. Peppery and intense, ideal for bread or salads. It’s a coupage