At Abeja, we source unique produce personally selected from independent farmers in Granada and fresh, seasonal ingredients from local producers. Granada is a fascinating and diverse province of Andalucía, where its millennial heritage from Visigoth, Roman and Arab civilizations shaped not only its culture but also the richness of many flavorsome dishes.

Be prepared to be surprised by a colorful Mediterranean cuisine, based on natural ingredients with a strong Moorish influence and cooked intuitively in a simple way. All our food is lovingly prepared from scratch and our dishes are inspired by recipes cooked in Ana’s family for generations, as well as those typically served in Granada region.

Order some raciones or sharing dishes from our tasty menu. We will also cook special dishes daily, including traditional Andalucía soups, ideal for those wanting a hearty meal at lunch breaks.


Tabla de embutidos granadina
Meat platter: Serrano ham, ibérico selection (lomo, chorizo & salchichón), white sausage & pork terrine. Served with artisan flatbreads & olives

Tabla de quesos granadina
Cheese platter: Cured sheep cheese (Guadix), cured & semi-cured goat & cow cheeses (Montefrío). Served with black olives, artisan flatbreads & selection of gourmet preserves

Tabla Abeja
Mix platter: Selection of meat & cheeses from Granada. Served with artisan flatbreads, olives & gourmet preserves


Tapas are small dishes that are best shared with others. Buen apetito!

Gazpacho (ve)
Infuse yourself with a pure vitamin cocktail with this classic summery cold tomato soup. Served with bread.

Pincho moruno
Marinated moorish lamb skewer served with salad.

Berenjenas fritas con miel (ve)
Aubergine fries served with sugar cane molasses.

Handmade to Ana’s family special recipes. 4 per portion, mix-n-match available.
1. Serrano ham & chicken | 2. Prawns | 3. Portobello mushrooms & butternut squash | 4. Black pudding & green peppers.

Serrano ham and fresh tomato bruschetta

Grilled tiger prawns with homemade ali-oli

Tortilla (v)
Our own recipe of potato and onion omelette, cooked in extra-virgin olive oil

Valencia almonds

Bread & Extra-virgin olive oil


Abeja Tapas Bar
Food from southern Spain

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